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Mathura-75 km

Mathura in Uttar Pradesh is rich with histories of many years and centuries, is the birthplace of Lord Krishna, who is considered as a benevolent god by the hindus. The town is a sacred one with plenty of kunds and shrines of gods and goddesses. It is also associated with many myths and legends that have been responsible for the faiths and beliefs which have been deep in the minds of Indians.

Mathura is also considered as the most sacred among the Vaishnava cult followers, who worship the blue god with tales that are uncountable. Lord Vishnu and his incarnations are having a deep seated relation with almost every spot of Mathura. The religiousness of the city is further enhanced in the Yamuna banks and myriad ghats.

Agra – 85 kms

Agra city is the home to one monument among the world’s Seven Wonders, and is also one of the most sought after destinations by the tourists in India. The architectural monuments and historical sites in agra make it a fort city virtually. The contributions of monuments of historical significance, marbled beauties and grandeur of architecture in agra makes it a favourite tourist destination.

Built in 1475, medieval city of agra has a mention in the Mahabharata even where it is named as Agraban. Ptolemy, who was a geographer from the 2nd century is said to have observed this place in the map of the world. Ancient dynasties of Mughals and Lodhis had agra as their capital cities.

Along the Yamuna banks, the city has some of the marvels of architectural beauties which have been declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites and they are Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort and Taj Mahal, all of which are the seats of culture, architecture and artistic brilliance of the Mughals.

Being labeled as the topmost spot for tourism, the city is well equipped with various infrastructure amenities. At night, the entire city is lighted up so as to give a colored bright illumination. Hotels and resorts of the world class category make the vacations to agra as the most memorable one.

Bharatpur – 103 km

If someone is interested for bird watching not only as a pastime but also because it is an hobby, then the place of bharatpur offers the perfect opportunity and also tells the reason as to why Dr Salim Ali became attracted by the birds. The large area which is frequented by the birds from a variety of places and the ready acceptance of the area as their abode makes Bharatpur as a favourite for bird watch.

It was the idea of Prince Bhamji of Morvi in Gujarat which led to the conversion of the area of Bharatpur into a reserve for the wildlife. It was in honor of Viceroy Lord Curzon that a duck shooting competition is organized commonly annually. Previously, the area was a princely state, just on the borders of the Thar Desert. Due to the marshy landscape, this vast area suits well for the animals and birds equally, who find enough water to get their thirsts down. Due to the beautiful location and the convenience in reaching here, it has become a tourists’ destination in recent years, although one can find climates which reach to extremes. A lot of stories related to the rajputs are there which describe the valiance of the rulers to ward off attacks by british and mughal forces.

Fatehpur Sikri – 129 km

Extending from the ranges of Vindhyan from the upper side, is Sikri, situated on the banks of the lake which is a natural one, but presently in a dried state. The location, which is presently a historical site, was once a rich place full of water, raw materials and forested areas and very well suited for inhabitation by mankind. Around the lake, there are paintings found inside shelters made of rock and many findings of tools from the stone age. Pottery of ochre colors and grey wares with paintings has also been found here.

In Mahabharata also, the place of Sikri has been termed as Saik, which is defined in many lexicons as an area that has water all around. The name of Sikri has also been given as Sekrikya in some inscription that has been done on a sculpture of stone of Jaina Saraswati, which also means a land surrounded by water. All of these point to the fact that this area had inhabitations since many centuries earlier.

Delhi – 141 km

The Indian society’s face is portrayed in a new manner by Delhi, a city which has a past full of glory with interlaced modernized fabrics. Delhi is a city that is full of rudiments from the rich culture of the past in every day life of people in the city. A city which was destroyed seven times in the past and still stands proudly is delhi where archeological remnants can be found belonging to medieval and ancient india.

The city is lined with beautiful and elegant buildings that are a clear reflection of the brilliance of architect of the British era, Edwin Lutyens. The brilliantly executed building of Rashtrapathi Bhawan in Raisina halls and the Mughal Gardens inside the campus are the perfect example of the mastery in architecture. Another example is that of the JNU, which is a pride among the various institutions of the country and has produced so many exemplary Indians.

It is natural that many of the famous industrial houses have their set ups in the capital city, with offices constructed in a flamboyant manner and the presence of highly qualified executives and all this shows that there is an unmistakable development of the city. Variety of facilities that speak of the sophisticated communication system and conveyance are present in the city. Public systems of transport and wide roads are a sign of the development.