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The town of Aligarh in Uttar pradesh is well known for the presence of Aligarh Muslim University, which is also known as the “Mecca of Education”, especially among the muslims living in the country. Number of important personalities have passed out from the university, of which Sir Muhammad Iqbal was one who had a big contribution in the formation of Pakistan.

The Aligarh Muslim University was modeled on the concepts of Cambridge and Oxford universities in the United Kingdom by the founding member Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in the year 1875. During those days, the name of AMU was Muhammadan Anglo Oriental College and in 1920, the present name was conferred.

Aligarh is also a well known city of industries, especially known as the city of locks, apart from being famous as educational hub for muslims. Link locks manufacturing unit has made the city famous as this company is the largest lock manufacturer in the country. Other items which are being manufactured here are hardware, mostly the fittings made of brass, which is also being imported. Auto industries have been recently coming up in the area, most of which are being imported to foreign countries.

Tourist Places in Aligarh

Naqvi Park

Located near to the campus of the university




Manglayatan Temple

This temple is actually a pilgrimage centre for the Jainism followers and the only of its kind temple. The Shri Adinath Kund-Kund Kahan Digambar Jain Trust has the responsibility of its care, and the work is mostly related to the social services.



Our Lady of Fatima

The Higher Secondary School of Our Lady of Fatima is one of the schools in Aligarh which is catholic and situated in Ramghat Road in the city. This is affiliated to the Indian Central Board of Secondary Education.

The school was set up in 1961, thereby becoming Aligarh’s first ever English medium school, and was managed by the nuns of Catholic missionary. There is a program in the school which aims at the education of underprivileged children during the evening time.

IBN Sina Academy of Medieval Medicine and Sciences

This academy, has got the registration as an Indian NGO as per the Indian Trusts Act, 1882, and was first inaugurated in 2001 on 21st april by the earlier Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, Mohammad Hamid Ansari. This academy was given the accreditation in 2004 by the Department of AYUSH, which belonged to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Indian Government, thereby making it a recognized Centre of Excellence in 2008. Anyone who has interest in pursuing academic activities related to medicine and science history can be a member, which is open for them. As the academy is a charitable body, any kind of donation is also bereft of income tax impositions, as per the 1961 income tax act, 80 G clause.

The first president of this academy was  Hakim Syed Zillur Rahman.

Aligarh Fort

The fort of Aligarh also has names like ‘Aligarh Quila’, ‘Ramgarh Quila’ or ‘Baunasaur Quila’, and is a destination among the most popular ones in the city. Built by the son of Governor Umar, Muhammad in the year 1525 when the ruler was Ibrahim Lodhi. The location is on a hill top where there are ravines all every side for a height of 32 feet. This ancient fort has a shape of polygon with each angle having bastions which are the highlights of the fort.

This Aligarh fort has remained within the ruleof many governors and rulers such as Surajmal Jat in 1753, Madhavrao Scindia in 1759 and under Sabit Khan. Banasaur was responsible for renovating the old fort into as large as 3 times during 1753, who was the lieutenant of Surajmal jat. The fort housed a large warehouse for explosives as well as a kitchen which was air cooled. The basement is quite large but not evident from the outside.

The fort is located towards the northern side of AMU on the Barauli Marg. This building is managed by the Aligarh Muslim University, also because the university’s Botany department is served by it. The fort is located only 3 kms from the centre of the city, which is easily accessible by auto and cycle rickshaws and by taxi.