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Numaish is the popular name for the Annual Cultural Exhibition that is held in Aligarh in the exhibition ground during the months of January and February. The city of Aligarh is also well known for the Sherwanis, which is of various designs in the shop of Mehndi Hasan, which Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Prime Minister of India often visited.

Every Aligarh citizen is having memories of the Rajakiya Agriculture and Industrial Exhibition in their hearts because the occasion has a timelessness of its own and is also a time to have fun for the people.

The exhibition is held every year from 26th of January till 15th of February at the particular time, and this is awaited by the people from Aligarh with passion and excitement. Many families await this occasion for purchasing variety of stuff and fanciful items while the charm for the students of AMU has its own meaning.

Colleges under Aligarh Muslim University are:

Some people are there who have visited every day to the Numaish, without missing out a single day even. Some go on alternate days while those who are lazy enough at least make it a point to visit the exhibition Dinner, which the university sponsors. On this occasion, people are visible in their best suits, with sherwanis and blazers being common as if they are going to reception parties. There is a tradition of walking the entire distance to the Numaish ground from the AMU campus. In the present days, many halls, hotels and other accommodation facilities have come up, which is near to the ground while many people use vehicles for reaching the place.