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City of Aligarh has many neighbourhoods like Tajpur Rasulpur, Pilakhana, Gabhana, Somna, Noorpur, Bhankari Khas, Gorai, Mangarhi, Kasimpur Powerhouse colony, Sidarmain, Mainath, Khair, Nagliya, Vijaygarh, Atrauli, bhartari, Gonda, Iglas, Kanhoi, Chamed, Hathras, etc.


The city of agra, which was in historical days was the capital of Hindustan is located near the Yamuna banks in Uttar Pradesh towards the northern side about 363 kms from Lucknow, which is the capital of the state and from New Delhi it is about 200 kms. The population of about 1,686,976 makes it as a populated city of Uttar Pradesh and in terms of population it is the 19th in India. In terms of the most polluted city in india, the wastes flowing into Yamuna makes its rank 20th. The city of agra is also the administrative headquarters of agra district.


Mathura is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh at distance of 50 kms from Agra, 11 km from Vrindavan, 145 km from delhi towards the south east and from Govardhan it is 22 kms away. The administrative seat of Mathura district is this city. As Mathura is located in the junction of routes of caravans, it had grown to be a hub of economic and commercial activities. There are about 2.5 million people residing in this expanding city.


The city of Bulandsher is a municipal limit in the district of Bulandsher in Uttar Pradesh and also the administrative headquarters. As per the Government of India observation, the city is declared as Minority Concentrated District in the country, which was based on the census data obtained in 2001 regarding socio-economic indicators, population and basic amenities indicators.