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In north India, the city of Aligarh makes for a busy commercial point, where apart from lock manufacturing units for which it is famous, there are many other things to be seen. Of all, the export and manufacturing of locks in the city is the mainstay business.

It was from the time of the mughals that the Aligarh’s lock industry has been started, which was highly encouraged during the rule of the Britishers, converting a large unorganized sector to a streamlined unit. Maximum number of locks is produced in this city and that too of a variety of sizes and kinds. For locks, the biggest markets are the Centre Point Market and railway Road Market.

Brass materials are also in the top of the list for which Aligarh is famous. Tourists coming into Aligarh have special interest for the brass sculptures. Not only of various sizes and shapes but these sculpture can be seen to be cast in fine brass. Aligarh pajamas are a kind of dress materials that do not have any parallels in the country as far as the fine quality is concerned.

Amir Nisha Market

The market of Amir Nisha is a well known hub for shopping, which is especially liked by women due to the vast collections of clothing, cosmetics and jewelry. Shamshad market is another famous market in the area, where particularly the book shops with collection of education books are found. Sherwanis are available in plenty in the Tasveer Mahal. Centre Point market is the place where food items are available in joints like those of Mezbaan, Kwality, Baskin Robbins, where a temple of Lord Hanuman is present since ancient times, which has a rush of devotees on Saturdays and Tuesdays. For the sai bhakts, there is a Karuna Dham of Sai Baba’s located at the Grand Trunk Road, which is busy throughout the week, but mostly on Thursdays.

Aligarh Old City Market

The Aligarh Old city market is existing since the period which lies in between the modern age and royal age, and a visit to this place could be a unique experience. The Manik Chowk in Aligarh has such an ambience. Manik Chowk is a place which has business establishments which have been there since many years and the old traditions of bullock carts carrying items like wheat grain sacks are visible while the shop owners are seen sitting down in their shop counters calculating the day’s proceedings. Such a narrative makes for a rare sight to be seen in the modern world.

The best time in the city of Aligarh is during the winters when it is possible for people to walk along the city in the clean roads, or for sitting down by the roadside and simply experience the breeze flowing by. Such an atmosphere is rarely found in the metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, etc, thereby giving an explanation that the city of Aligarh is like as if one is in the corner of heaven.

Location - Most of the commercial activities and trading in Aligarh is done in the Manik chowk, which is the primary market for trading and almost all items can be found in the market, where the prices are lower due to the wholesale selling of various products.

Center Point

Aligarh has many market points some of which are Centre Point Market, Phool Chorha, Jamalpur, Halwai Khana, Railway Road Market, Mahavir Ganj, Shamshad Market, Tasweer Mahal, Amir Nisha and Upper Fort. People who are interested in brand products, should go for the centre point market, with plenty of shops for the various brands like Reebok, Blackberry, Adidas, Puma, etc in and around the Center Point Market. Clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, shoes, etc are found in the Amir Nisha and Railway Road markets. Achal Tal and Shamshad markets are well known for the variety of stores for educational books. Grocery items like dry fruits, ghee, spices, etc are available in the market of Mahavir Ganj.

The common arrangement of the market place in Aligarh is in the form of small shops, lining narrow roads, which can be quite congested during peak hours. Traffic jams are common in these areas when cars or bullock carts and rickshaws put up a jam for more than hours together.