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Aligarh is a centre of trade for agriculture, along with the process of manufacturing and processing of products from agriculture.

In Uttar Pradesh, the area of Aligarh has been considered to be a business centre of importance, locks industry being the most famous. Much of the locks manufactured here are export quality to different areas of the world. The first lock making firm belonging to the English was Johnson & Co, which started the production with the manual means at small scale.

Due to the location along the junction of the rail road, it has been easy place to become a commercial centre with agricultural products like wheat, cotton, sugarcane, barley, corn, guava, potato and millet. Besides the lock industry, Aligarh has many other industries of small scale such as raw cotton processing, flour milling, butter making, glass and thermometers. The sculpting and hardware making with brass is another small scale industry. Plenty of manufacturers, supplies and exporters are dealing in materials like bronze, brass, aluminum and iron.

The Harduaganj Thermal Power Station, which has another name of Kasimpur power house is located at a distance of 15 kms away from city. At 50 kms away from the city is a nuclear power station of Narora Atomic Power Station. Even though power stations are two in number near the city, frequently the power cuts are seen, sometimes even to the extent of about 10 hours per day, compelling people to get their own power sources in form of invertors and generators.

At Manzurgarhi near Aligarh at 15 kms distance is the Heinz Sauce manufacturing unit. Aligarh also has few sugar factories, such as the Satha sugar factory, which is about 12 kms away from the city centre along the Aligarh-Kasimpur road, where a cement factory is also located.

The Gajaks, biscuits, sohn-papdi and kachauries are also quite famous in the city of Aligarh.