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Aligarh City Guide
State: :: Uttar Pradesh
District: :: Aligarh
Famous for/as: :: Historicalss
Best Season: :: Oct - Mar
Weather: :: Summer 28-40°C, Winter 20-30°C
Altitude: :: 178 m
Pin Code: :: 20200x
STD Code: :: 0571

The city of Aligarh is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in the district of the same name. Known for the plenty of institutions for education, Aligarh has established itself as the best centre for education in India, which is primarily led by Aligarh Muslim University. Battle of Ally Ghur is another event that occurred in the city between the French forces and those of the British. Historically, the city of Aligarh is quite enchanting and consists of plenty of sightseeing places.

Villages in the vicinity of Aligarh such as Sidarmain, Gorai and Mangarhi are places to visit.

The fort of Aligarh is one of the primary attractions of the city which are continuously visited by people all around the year. Dor fort is another of the fortresses in the city of Aligarh that are visited by tourists, even though it is presently in ruins.
A mosque belonging to the 18th century is present in Aligarh while the tombs of plenty of muslim saints are found here. Church of Association, Christ Church and Methodist Church are some important monuments of Aligarh.


Census of 2001 showed that the population of the city of Aligarh was 669,087 of which 53% were males and 47% were females. Literacy rate on an average in Aligarh was about 71% which is considerably more than 65.4% which was the national average. Among the literates, the male percentage was 71% and 43% percent comprised of females. Under 6 population was 16%. The present day population of the district of Aligarh is about 3,800,000.

Industries in Aligarh

Lock making and manufacturing is the largest industry of Aligarh, from where the export to various parts of the world is being carried out. The first foreign lock making unit to be set up in the city of Aligarh was England’s  Johnson & Co in the year 1870.

Other Metal Based Industries

Brass fitting industry is aligarh’s another major industries. Many small scale industries are involved in the manufacturing of iron toy pistols, belts, plastic toys, handcuffs, and school and government badges. Some small scale industries are involved in art ware and making of sculptures. Parts of zinc die cast are made in bulk using the die casting process of the hot chamber. Zinc alloy material is utilized for manufacturing various products in the largest quantity in Aligarh than the combination of all of zinc alloy used in the country.

Some automobile spare parts units are there in Aligarh which are also involved in the export to other countries and rest of India.