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Numaish or the Annual Cultural Exhibition in Aligarh is held in the exhibition ground in the months of January and February. The Sherwani’s of Aligarh have been particularly famous, more prominently from the shop of Mehndi Hasan, which was said to be visited by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the erstwhile prime minister of India.

The exhibition of Numaish, also known as the Rajakiya Agriculture and Industrial Exhibition in Aligarh has been a favourite among the people in the city with its timeless and priceless significance.

This particular exhibition is organized at a specific time every year from 26th January to 15th February which is eagerly awaited by people with lots of planning and passion. People with families await the exhibition because they buy a variety of items from the Numaish and is also a favourite place for the students.

Some residents and local people are there who visit the Numaish every day of the total period of the exhibition, while some are there who visit frequently if not on a daily basis. There are also some people, who visit the exhibition during the dinner organisaed by the AMU. People wear their best dresses when they visit the exhibition with Sherwanis, blazers and finest suits on this day, as if they were going to a wedding ceremony. It has been a custom in Aligarh to walk the entire distance of the town to the ground of the Numaish, although the distant hotels and accommodation facilities are accessed by bicycles or vehicles.