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The Aligarh Development authority is a body meant for looking after the development of the Aligarh city. Aligarh is considered as the district headquarters of district of Aligarh located in the northern state of India, Uttar Pradesh. It is regarded as the metropolitan cities of the country and is famous across the globe. The most notable part of Aligarh is the major institution called as Aligarh Muslim University which serves thousands of students coming from different parts of the country as well as different corners of the world. The city of Aligarh is also famous for the lock industry. The city located 140 km away from the capital city of New Delhi is the administrative headquarters of Aligarh Division and Aligarh District.

By manufacturing locks at such a large scale, the city of Aligarh has been contributing to the economy of the nation. The growth and development of Aligarh is controlled and looked after by the Aligarh Development Authority. Aligarh Development Authority or ADA had been instituted under a body called as Uttar Pradesh Urban Planning and Development Act 1973 for promoting growth as well as expansion of Aligarh basically in civic mode. The ADA board makes all the major decisions for accelerating and promoting development of the city. There are a large number of houses being allotted by the board as per the requirements of the people of Aligarh. There are official websites available for any kind of information which can be accessed in more details.

The Aligarh Development Authority takes care of new projects and also looks after the older projects in such a way that the old properties should also get disposed off in a proper manner. The ADA is found to be dealing in property acquisition as well. This body shoulders the responsibility of boosting the rise of the city of Aligarh through its surveillance also. It tries to take all possible measures for gearing up the growth factor and develop the living standards of the rapidly growing population. The Aligarh Development Authority took some steps such as going for contemporary construction as well. There are roads being built and regular checks are being made to maintain cleanliness in the city. The hygienic systems are being endorsed and encouraged through plantation of trees and avoiding deforestation to the extent it can be controlled.

The Aligarh Development Authority draws out good policies as well as strategies by making new laws to smoothen the process of development of the Aligarh city. It knows the importance of conserving the environment and therefore takes measures accordingly. It has proved itself as an effective official body fulfilling its responsibilities in a focused manner. The civic development is also taken into consideration. It brings best to the city and has been improvising day by day. It also monitors the growth of parks, community centers and ring roads. It won’t be exaggerating that in near future Aligarh city would become a great city because of efforts put in by ADA.