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The city of Aligarh is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in the north India, at a distance of about 140 kms towards the southeastern part of New Delhi. This city makes the administrative seat for the Aligarh district, Aligarh division and the police range of Aligarh and comprises of a population of about half million. Famous as the University City, this is the place of location of Aligarh Muslim University. The division of Aligarh includes the districts of Etah, Kanshi Ram Nagar, Hathras and Aligarh. The city of Aligarh is considered as the city where education system is the best in the country and the name of Mecca of education is a fitting title for the city.

Geographical Location

The location of aligarh as per the latitude and longitude is 27.88 ° N 78.08 ° E with the height on an average being 587 ft. The Doab region has location of Aligarh in the middle, which is the plain area between Yamuna and the ganges. The Grand Trunk Road passes through the city.

The climate of Aligarh is subtropical in nature, something similar to that seen in central and northern Italy. Summers are from the beginning of April and is the hottest in around May where the temperature runs around 28-33 deg C. Rainy season starts from around end of june till the beginning of October, where humidity level is quite high. In the last few years, Aligarh has experienced heavy rains of about 800 mm. after that, the winter commences in December till the beginning of February, where the average temperature is around 12-16 deg C. Although winters are mild usually, issues of cold currents and fog are frequently seen. During the moderate temperatures and when humidity is less as in months of February, March and November, visiting time to Aligarh is the most suitable.

About City
State :: Uttar Pradesh
District: :: Aligarh
Famous for/as :: Historicalss
Best Season :: Oct - Mar
Weather :: Summer 28-40°C, Winter 20-30°C
Altitude :: 178 m
Pincode :: 20200x
STD code :: 0571

Aligarh History

The city of Aligarh is well known as tala nagri because the practice of making locks has been prevalent in the area since ages. The history of Aligarh is not very much in knowledge of people  such as the fact that Kaushriv, who was the ruler of this city has got a mention in the Valmiki Ramayana.

Muslim traditions have a strong influence on the city of Aligarh where one of the very famous universities of India is located which is Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) that is also well known in many other parts of the world. In the past as well as in the present day scenario, many students from different parts of the world arrive here to study different courses.

Although the city has had constant attacks since the time of Ibrahim Lodhi till the advent of Britishers, the city has managed to stand tall even at the time of worst adversities.


The subtropical climate with monsoon influence is typical of Aligarh, also prevalent in many other areas of north and central india. The summer season begins from April and peaks at May during which the average temperature is around 28-33 deg C. Summer is followed by monsoon from the period of late June till beginning of October when humidity levels are quite high with about 800 mm of rainfall sometimes. Winter season witnesses a fall in temperature to an average of 12-16 deg C from December to February. Mild winters interspersed with foggy days and cold waves are usual.

Important places

The Aligarh fort and Sir Syed Masjid are two landmarks in Aligarh which are typically famous. The masjid is located inside the AMU campus. Dor fortress is another fort which presently is standing in ruins and is in the city centre, which is nowadays called as the region of Upper Kot and has a mosque from the 18th century. Plenty of muslim saints have their tombs in this city.

In the area known as Kath Pula, there is the famous tomb of Baba Barchi. In the road to agra, there is a teerth Dhaam of Jainism followers known as Mangalayatan Teerth Dhaam. Near the police chowky of Khirni Gate in the city area along Agra road is another temple related to Jainism which is famous for beautifully drawn fresco paintings on the ceiling.

The Ibn Sina Academy of Medieval Medicine and Sciences found in the Tijara house consists of a large library with books and journals on science and medicine history, which has become a famous sightseeing place in Aligarh. There is also a museum showcasing the culture and Indian heritage. Hakim Syed Zillur Rahman, the philanthropist and physician of Unani medicine was the found of this institution.

Numaish, the popular name for the Annual Cultural Exhibition in Aligarh’s big exhibition ground is very famous which is usually held during the months of January and February. Sherwani dressing is quite famous in Aligarh, with the shop of Mehndi Hasan being very famous since the days of Pandit Nehru, who used to visit this place.